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Earthmoving Machinery

Torneria Automatica S.r.l. builds the parts for industrial earthmoving machinery necessary for shaping the earth such as through excavations, moving, etc.. Starting from a prototype of the model, requested by the customer, Tormeria Automatica S.r.l. manufactures a sample that meets all quality parameters. Only then will Torneria Automatica S.r.l. start the production of identical pieces which…
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Torneria Automatica S.r.l. manufactures precision components in Carpi for the biomedical sector. From titanium to special steels up to light alloys and plastics, the metal turning process is carried out using the most suitable, latest generation equipment. Event in the biomedical sector Torneria Automatica S.r.l. produces according to customer design. Our many years experience allows us to…
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Parts for hydraulic machines are produced at Torneria Automatica S.r.l. in Carpi, near Modena. Parts are built in precision machine shops, always adhering to the prototype of the model. Production starts after the sample has been duly checked and, before each part is finished, it is subjected to shaving and blowing. [gmedia id=20]
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The automotive sector specifically deals with the design and construction (and sales) of motor vehicles. Vehicle construction parts are manufactured thanks to the high tecnology of the machinery installed within Torneria Automatica S.r.l. precisions machine shops and the companies high quality control standards. The aforesaid parts are then subjected to galvanic processes or heat treatments…
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