Torneria Automatica S.r.l., established in 1985 is located in Carpi (MODENA) in via Watt 1/3. The company occupies a covered area of 2500 m², 1,800 m² is dedicated to the production AND automatic turning processes, and 700 m² dedicate to offices and customer services.

Thanks to more then 30 years experience, we are able to offer our best service in order to satisfy the customer need of business operating in various industrial sector such as:

- automotive

- hydraulic

- biomedical

- earthmoving machinery  

Torneria Automatica Srl is specialized in: precision machining (automatic turning, milling, grinding) and CNC machining.

Torneria Automatica Srl is highly committed to carefully and strictly following each and every stage of the manufacturing process, from the moment the raw materials arrive up to after sales. specifically it performs the:

  • initial feasibility studies
  • design
  • manufacturing process (turning)
  • quality control inside the constant-temperaturE metrological room
  • washing, packaging and shipping

All equipment and means are suitable for guaranteeing the develpoment of a tailored product that meets customer requirements. Should the customer request further accessory manufacturing processes, the Carpi turnery is also able to provide components, complete with heat treatments and galvanic processes, as well as other manufacturing processes.


Torneria Automatica Srl features high company flexibility and application as it is able to carry out automatic turning processes, in very short time, also on big production lots.

In order to guarantee quality both in its products and production processes, Torneria Automatica S.r.l. is equipped with a quality control department which duly adheres to that laid out in ISO STANDARD 9001-2008.

We are able to perform precision machining of automatic bar turning for third parties. Our automatic turnery in Modena avails itself of solid partnerships and trusted collaboration with certified suppliers to ensure better quality.

This service allows the smooth managing of heat treatments, surface treatments and machining not manufactured in-house.

Thanks to its precision machine shops, equipped wit modern facilities and constantly upgraded machinery, Torneria Automatica Srl is able to perform turning processes, automatic turinig and third party turning, materials used for the manufacturing of components include: steel, aluminium, light alloys, brass and plastics. in order to adequately support its production departments, the company has a full stock of raw materials always on hand.

In addition to the precision machine shops, we have a quality control department featuring high-tech equipment for the constant monitoring and maintenance of the high quality standard of processes and manufactured products. the implementation of special components, in accordance with specific customer requirements, are obtained by machining on round, square or hexagonal bars through the use of automatic or numerical control (cnc) latest generation lathes. Main production equipment includes single-spindle and multi-spindle automatic lathers (operated via cams, numerical control, fixed headstock) whose bar capacity ranges from 3 to 65 mm to offer different types of cnc machining.