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Torneria Automatica S.r.l. of Carpi has a precision machine workshop equipped with modern, technologically advanced machinery. Each machine has an electronic control board to ensure the quality standards set forth in the DIN-EN ISO-9001 Certificate

Some of the features of our machinery for your manufacturing processes:

Twin-spindle/Multi-spindle CNC lathes bar capacity up to 65 mm
Sliding headstock CNC lathes bar capacity from 2 to 32 mm
Multi-spindle lathes bar capacity up to 32 mm
Machines for secondary manufacturing and finishing

The internal quality control department has been integrated with the manufacturing and turning processes and features sophisticated instruments to monitor and follow the various processing stages. Interventions are immediate and effective when differences occur between the processed workpiece and the initial sample. In addition, a control system is used for managing the manufacturing processes such that the data collection system automatically provides real-time information on work order status.

With a view to continue to offer better products over time, Torneria Automatica S.r.l. makes use of machinery designed for extremely advanced turning processes within its precision machine workshops, up to date with the latest technologies.

Every investment made in new machinery and measuring instruments is made with the intention of maintaining machinery modern and at the same time respecting and shortening as much as possible the processing time demanded by customers. We can meet the most different needs and requirements, greatly limiting delivery times, even for extremely high numbers of lots.

Depending on the machinery used for the production, work orders are routed to specific automatic turning departments rather than others. In general, Single-spindles are used for the small series while for large production lots these departments exploit at best the production capacities of turning machinery such as the Multi-spindles.

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